Slowly, discovery of an emerging talent from a rural community of a rainbow-colored, multi-ethnic, tropical country is occurring. Early exposure, during teenage and post adolescence years, with home based, multi-level marketing of Artistry product line for a renowned, global company, and innumerous appearances as the subject in TV/Print commercials and video shoots for a plethora of products fueled a passion to not only think, but to get out of the box. What transpired thereafter has been a trajectory of cross-continent acquisition of education, knowledge, experience and insight into the makeup artist industry for which her career path has prepared her to now present subjects for the scrutiny of those familiar lens.


Recognition and eventual pursuit of her passion were fueled by life’s planned and momentous crossroads: moving to the Big Apple, graduating from Pace University (BBA, Mgt.Information Systems), experience in IT Support at the largest media company, WPP GroupLLC NYC, a providential, compatible encounter with a great man whom she married,had two beautiful children thereafter, and adoption of a third homeland all coalesced to set the final stage for hitherto sporadic tremors of her passion for makeup artistry to burst forth.


She’s VVDS accredited, already known for her flawless makeup and work with Hollywood and European stars. She regularly prepares, with astounding creativity, natural and Z beauties in alluring hors d’oeuvre fashion for capture by top photographers. Currently domiciled in Switzerland, she works as a Freelancer for model agencies, television, commercials, fashion shows, beauty and color coaching workshops (private and corporate) across Switzerland, Berlin, NYC, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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