Zalina is a passionate woman with a wide range of expertise. So far she has thrived as an Indie Beauty Entrepreneur, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Organic Formulator & Skin Care Brand, Fitness Instructor, a Wealth Advisor, an IT Consultant, an Author and an Entertaining Speaker. Trinidadian born, she is a veteran in the beauty and fashion industry with accreditations in Switzerland, Paris, Berlin and New York. She freelanced for both Hollywood and European stars before moving from New York to one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Zürich, Switzerland.

From her vast experience as a beauty consultant, Zalina recognized that few women knew how to use brushes to apply make-up correctly and that quality, not quantity should be the main factor. Zalina also knew that technique and creativity could easily be taught but to ensure flawless, minimal application for her many followers she took it a step further to deliver the perfect tools – the ZW Signature Brush Collection, a professional quality ensemble developed in Switzerland. In 2014, the Tobago collection and ecommerce online shopping site premiered in Trinidad and Tobago to a sold out audience including prominent make-up artists and enthusiasts who fell in love with the high quality, delicate touch and original design. This therapeutic feel continues to have a lasting impact on faces from Switzerland to the US and across the global village. Her holistic/bespoke boot camp trainings have always focused on women empowerment, beauty within, using a minimalist approach rather than the industry`s colour trends that looked overdone. Her passion for life, nature and an active outdoor lifestyle in Switzerland have added more perspective and inspiration to her mission towards natural beauty and organic skincare. While beauty remains a focus for Zalina, she also continues to tap deeply into creative and innovative ideas to self-empower and reinvent herself. The entrepreneur mindset is in her DNA since she started at 11 years of age in the Caribbean family run business. Zalina is building her company under the umbrella of Holistic Health, Beauty, Wealth and Wellness (HHBWW). She has been developing over the last 3years under “Zalina Swiss Organic” a range of natural and organic skin products called “Zoul360Organic”. Under personalized nutrition, Zalina is collaborating on a range of dietary supplements, DNA testing and wellness products that align with her philosophy of “beauty starts within.” As a formulator she understands that simplicity in product development is key to high efficacy and therefore makes it easier to understand her client`s needs. Equally her websites aim to educate, inspire and empower women and men globally on wellness, food, beauty, entrepreneurship, networking, travel, women empowerment and more. Simultaneously, she has been working as a financial consultant combining her diverse talents with wealth management. She believes there is interconnectivity between health, beauty, wealth and wellness. The better you are in tune with yourself, your health and your personal finances, the better you can take charge of your life and ultimately, the happier and more fulfilling you are.

Coming from the health side of the money equation, she has realized that money can`t buy happiness if you cannot take care of your health. What`s the point of having millions of dollars if you don`t have good health to enjoy it? Out of passion and necessity, she created successful seminars in 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland – “Women and Finance:Building Blocks to Financial Freedom”, “Your Health and Your Wealth: Do You Have the Right Balance”, and soon to come “Let The Natural You Shine: Unleash Your Inner Elegance”. Those experiences have been significant stepping stones that led Zalina to realize her passion for communicating widely her message of wellness, health, beauty and wealth.

Looking back, what really made a difference in her career journey was growing up on the sunny tropical shores of Trinidad with a single mum who passed on her wisdom on how to be self-reliant and how to self-heal the body with natural alternative medicinal plants such as aloe vera, vetiver, bitter melon, papaya, guava, spinach, herbs, okras, ginger, ginseng, turmeric, legumes, moringa, cocoa butter, ghee, coconuts, tulsi leaves and plant-based oils. She learned early on the benefits and healing properties of the plants that are now used in Zalina`s green beauty organic formulas.

The green beauty enthusiast, nature lover and single mum of two has been sharing her organic recipes and ageless healthy lifestyle habits across the globe for over 25 plus years and has mentored and transformed many clients, both private and groups in health, beauty and nutrition all focused on achieving a happier and more sustainable life balance. She feels ageless surrounded by a digital generation of innovators and forward thinkers, not to mention like-minded, empowered women entrepreneurs and mentors.


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